King’s community church is a vibrant and family friendly church that meets in the heart of Lancaster.  Our church is not a building, it’s people.  We believe that the church is made up of every person who believes that Jesus is Lord and that he was raised from the dead.  We want to help as many people as possible to come to know Jesus, to find their place in God’s house and to build their lives on the truth of God’s word.  Our desire is that everyone be welcomed, loved, and involved; Jesus is for everyone!

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Everyone is welcome

Sunday services begin at 10:30, stewards and greeters will be at the main entrance to direct you where you need to go. The first part of the meeting is normally given over to praise and worship of Jesus. Expect to see people singing, clapping, lifting their hands and praying.

You will also see and hear the gifts of the Holy Spirit in action. In the second part of the meeting we will be taught from the Bible for about 30mins.  The meeting will normally finish around 12:15.  Children and youth have their own meetings to help them grow in their love and knowledge of God.


We share life & community throughout the week. Midweek groups are a great way to be encouraged buy church family, we express our faith in practical ways as we pray, discuss and support one another. Friday coffee mornings happen at our building, coffee is served from 10:30 through till around midday.


Other diary dates:

4.3  Prayer and praise at King’s, 7:30pm

20.3  Men’s evening, pool & curry

17.4  4 the city at New Life, 7pm

25.4  Murder Mystery at King’s

15.5  Women’s evening

13.6  Lake District walk

12.7  4 the city at King’s, 7pm


God has an amazing plan for the world, for the city and for you too. We want to see you grow and succeed in every area of your life, not just on Sunday’s but through all the highs and lows of the week.

We offer lifts and lunches on Sunday’s where church family is eager to get to know you. On Wednesday’s we meet at the Herbarium 6-7pm for community and to have real conversations about faith.


James is our student worker, he’s super friendly and easy to talk to. Say hello when you see him around campus and in the city.

He likes football and talking about Jesus.


Home is our midweek student group at The Herbarium, Wednesday’s 6-7pm.  Address: 5-7 Great John Street , LA1 1NQ

Here’s what’s happening this term: 22.1 discuss, is Jesus Religious? 29.1 social, 5.2 worship with singing & guitars, 12.2 discuss, what influences you?, 19.2 social, 26.2 worship with singing & piano, 4.3 discuss, what is love, 11.3 social.  Find, follow, and contact on instagram @homelancaster

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